Living Treasures

Masters of Australian Craft

Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft is an initiative of the Australian Design Centre. The series aims to celebrate the achievements of Australia’s most iconic crafts practitioners, through a touring exhibition and a major monograph publication. 

Living Treasures celebrates the work and practice of exceptional individuals who have demonstrated more than three decades of excellence in their chosen discipline.

The series was conceived in 2004 when ADC reached out to the sector nationally to put together three authoritative panels that would come together to review nominations and select the next Living Treasure.

The Living Treasures exhibitions focused on current work – they were not historic surveys. This concept aimed to enliven the show, and ensure that the work and ideas presented were current reflections of the practitioner’s process and output. Each exhibition was accompanied by a beautiful monograph, which not only celebrated the work contained within the exhibition but also delved into each artist’s background in more detail, contextualising their status as a leading practitioner of their craft.

Image: Nick Mount. White Scent Bottle, Murrini Fruit and Pear: A Still Life #010112. 2012. Photo by Pippy Mount.

Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels

29 August - 11 October 2014

Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels is the eighth in our Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft series. Our first Indigenous Living Treasure, Greeno is a shellworker and artist from Tasmania, whose career spans 30 years.

Nick Mount: Glass

8 September – 3 November 2012

Nick Mount is one of Australia’s most accomplished and celebrated studio glass artists. Nick creates sculptural assemblages that range in scale and character, they offer ‘limitless potential’ and combine a respect for traditional Venetian glassmaking techniques with a wry Australian wit.

Robert Baines: Metal

23 October 2010 – 16 January 2011

Robert Baines is one of Australia’s foremost artist goldsmiths and a researcher of archaeometallurgy and Bronze Age gold works. Baines created jewellery and large, complex wire works often combining precious metals of gold and silver with plastic and powder-coated elements. These works frequently reference archaeology and draw on abstract forms and ideas.

Jeff Mincham: Ceramics

21 November 2009 – 31 January 2010

Jeff Mincham is one of Australia’s most prominent and influential ceramic artists with a career spanning more than 30 years. His exceptional craft skills and extraordinary body of work saw him honoured as Object’s 2009 Living Treasure, with a subsequent national tour.

Liz Williamson: Textiles

8 November 2008 - 11 January 2009

Liz Williamson: Textiles tells the story of this influential weaver’s search to understand textile traditions in relation to her own life and interests, and then interpret those experiences, through her woven cloth, into new ideas and forms.

Marian Hosking: Jewellery

10 November 2007 - 13 January 2008

Marian Hosking’s career as a silversmith spans several decades and throughout it she has translated her passion for the individuality and essence of the Australian landscape into jewellery.

Klaus Moje: Glass

11 November 2006 - 7 January 2007

Hailed internationally as the founder of modern kiln-formed glass, Klaus Moje is not only one of the most influential and iconic figures within the Australian studio glass movement, his significance clearly reaches far beyond. 

Les Blakebrough: Ceramics

19 November 2005 – 15 January 2006 

In a career spanning five decades, Les Blakebrough has become one of Australia’s most acclaimed and influential ceramic artists. His body of work has ranged from earthy functional wares to more recent, delicate forms.