15 June – 9 August

During this year’s Milan Design Week LOCAL DESIGN, under the guidance of designer, stylist, creative director and curator Emma Elizabeth, transformed the historic Oratorio della Passione at Piazza Sant’Ambrogio within the 5 Vie district scenography into a strong stylish statement for a range of eleven Australian designers to exhibit the Australian aesthetic.

On returning to Australia LOCAL DESIGN is showcasing LOCAL MILAN within the Australian Design Centre, featuring a mixture of memories and Milano moments, accompanied by sounds by Australian artist Tash Sultana and with the scents of Aesop.

Emma said of her project in an interview with The Design Files: “It’s a passion project. I felt Australian design needed to stand tall and proud beside the best in the world.”

Designers who are exhibiting works: Emma Elizabeth, Tom Fereday, Adam Goodrum, Charles Wilson, Tom Skeehan, Ross Gardam, Kate Banazi x Ryan McGoldrick, ACV Studio, Jon Goulder, Dowel Jones and Christopher Boots.

LOCAL MILAN is a project by LOCAL DESIGN presented at Australian Design Centre.

LOCAL MILAN in location Oratorio della Passione at Piazza Sant'Ambrogio. Photos by Fiona Susanto. Images courtesy of LOCAL DESIGN.

Emma Elizabeth

Emma Elizabeth is a highly innovative designer and stylist. Her cross disciplinary approach to creative workings allows the designer to work within the realms of: Art Direction, Design, Styling, Experiential, Curation, Events, Production, Buying and Creative Conceptualization.

ACV Studio

A.C.V studio, the project of artist Anna Varendorff, is an experimental practice that takes the role of the craftsperson into the field of the designer, whilst maintaining the singularity and the nuance of pieces all produced by one individual.

Kate Banazi x Ryan McGoldrick

The result of a unique collaboration between Kate Banazi and Ryan McGoldrick, Umbra is the debut showing featuring both artists.

Christopher Boots

Boots’ work explores the architecture and geometry of organic shapes and is often inspired by forms that are forged by the pre-existing natural elements. These forms are influenced by the patterns, shapes, and structures found in plants, animals, and minerals.

Tom Fereday

Tom Fereday develops products based on the principle of honest design - conveying a design process which celebrates the materials and manufacturing processes behind furniture and products, to design from the inside out.

Ross Gardam

Ross Gardam has worked extensively in environmental, interior and product design. He develops beautifully simple design solutions to complex problems.

Adam Goodrum

A believer that every environment is defined by the objects within it, Goodrum designs with the philosophy that an object must therefore justify its existence through its story and detailing.

Jon Goulder

Jon is a master craftsperson and a skilled designer who is focused on developing his one-off and limited edition collections for representation in Australia, America and Europe.

Dowel Jones

Dowel Jones is interested in simplifying objects to their bare essentials without compromising on aesthetic values, while also minimising materials and processes.

Tom Skeehan

Skeehan's designs have the running thread of actively engaging with the environment of a product and considering the long term lived experience of interacting with a design.

Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson co-founded the Argo collective to develop experimental furniture and decorative objects for manufacture.


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