We are delighted to announce that the Australia Council for the Arts has awarded Australian Design Centre a $50,000 Contemporary Touring Initiative grant to develop a new ADC On Tour national touring exhibition.

CLIMATE: Design Art Architecture | Collaborating for Change relates directly to the climate emergency. The project will examine how creative practitioners in art, design, architecture, landscape architecture and related fields of practice are making sense of global climate emergency in their work. The project will also focus on specific projects that inform, educate and encourage audience participation in practical ways that regenerate our environment.

The development period will be used to research and connect with artists to identify specific projects for inclusion. The team will also focus on the impact of touring exhibitions to design a new benchmark for lower impact tour production and freight.

ADC CEO and Artistic Director, Lisa Cahill said, ‘This is a timely project that builds on our earlier work in biomimicry and sustainability and will enable us to show the world what Australian artists, designers and architects are doing despite an overwhelming lack of national policy direction in relation to climate change.’

‘I am delighted that Liane Rossler has agreed to work with us as adjunct curator on this project. Liane brings many years of experience as an artist, designer and curator, and has focussed her practice in the last decade on projects that intersect art, design and the environment.’

‘Victor Papenek had a long history of advocacy as a designer and educator for social responsibility and his prescient words in the 1995 book The Green Imperative, articulates precisely what we would like to achieve with this project, "These dangerous times for Earth call not just for passion, imagination, intelligence and hard work, but - more profoundly - a sense of optimism that is willing to act without a full understanding, but with a faith in the effect of small individual actions on the global picture".’

Image: Demonstration by Dominic Wunderlich from Pixabay 

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