Create Day is a digital global event on Saturday 10 October. 

Over twenty-four hours, a line-up of artists, makers, designers and creators from around the world will be showcased in an online celebration of creativity and human ingenuity. 

Commencing Saturday 10 October, 12 noon (AEDT), Create Day will feature ADC's upcoming project Isolate Make with Sydney makers Melinda Young, Glenn Barkley and duo Crossing Threads.

Watch Create Day from 12 noon (Sydney time) on Saturday 10 October, online here.  

Create Day : Saturday 10 October 

Oceania - 12noon AEDT (2am BST)
East Asia (Korea) - 1pm AEDT (3am BST)
East Asia (Japan) - 2pm AEDT (4am BST)
Asia (China & Hong Kong) - 4pm AEDT (6am BST)
Southeast Asia & South Asia  - 7pm AEDT (9am BST)
Middle East - 8pm AEDT (10am BST)
United Kingdom - 10pm AEDT (12pm BST)
Europe - 4am AEDT (Sunday 11 Oct) (6pm BST)
Africa - 8am AEDT (Sunday 11 Oct) (10pm BST)
North & South America - 9am AEDT (Sunday 11 October) (11pm BST) 

*AEDT – Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Daylight Saving Time)
*BST - British Summer Time 

An initiative of London Craft Week, Create Day is an opportunity to reconnect with our own creativity and bring like-minded people together through a day of global celebration. 

Well before Covid-19, we had become somewhat isolated from each other, too busy, too narrow-focus. Yet there has never been more creativity, imagination and talent. Or people who appreciate it. In that sense, despite so much uncertainty, I believe we live in auspicious times.”  Guy Salter, Chairman, London Craft Week.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Create Day. Congratulations to the team at London Craft Week for pulling this global 24 hour event together. We’re previewing three makers from our upcoming project Isolate Make showcasing their resilience during the pandemic. It’s particularly exciting to have this global day during our Sydney Craft Week festival.” Lisa Cahill, ADC CEO and Artistic Director. 

Explore the Create Day website here

Create Day from Australian Design Centre on Vimeo.

Image: Melinda Young, portrait 2020. Photo: Courtesy of the artist. 

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