Signwave Newtown has worked with Australian Design Centre since 2001 and is one of our major partners providing support for exhibition signage here in Sydney and for ADC On Tour projects.

Owners Trevor Vyner, Shane Kealley and the Signwave team are focussed on sustainability. They see first-hand the amount of waste generated in production. With initiatives already dedicated to address this including an in-house corflute collection and recycling facility and a focus on researching and testing sustainable materials, they wanted to do more - a prime objective to creatively reduce landfill. They wanted to make their design and manufacturing process more sustainable without sacrificing efficiency.

Sustainable Design Challenge - Project Back to the Future

Internally, they began a Sustainable Design Challenge to address signage waste. Taking an experimental focus, one of the first results of this challenge is the DeLorean puzzle kit made from 100 per cent waste (images below). Achieving this wasn't easy as the team needed to overcome a number of design issues and incorporate various materials. 

According to Trevor Vyner, 'the team applied their imagination and creativity to identify a way to utilise the “white space” in between other jobs. We are able to print and cut all the parts during commercial production, using a variety of materials that would normally end up in landfill.'

The kit is now in production, fabricated using offcuts and waste and will be a Christmas giveaway to promote sustainability. 

Celebrating 20 years of working together, Australian Design Centre values the expertise and professional services provided by the team at Signwave Newtown.

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