Di Reed is Programs Coordinator at ADC, overseeing the pack-up and installation of touring exhibitions as they go on the road. She recently travelled to Queensland to assist with the installation of Shapeshifters: 3D Printing the Future at Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum. Di has been busy managing the de-install of Object Therapy, which is due to open in its first host venue, Noosa Regional Gallery in November.

Can you tell us a bit about your role, how did you get involved with ADC On Tour?

I started with ADC as their Programs Assistant and my first day on the job was to fly to Dubbo for the Shapeshifters de-install. Now I oversee the installations in our gallery as well as Shapeshifters touring show. I work with our Programs Manager, Fiona Pulford, and Programs Producer, Larna Burgess Munro. Together we design the layout for each touring venue, communicating with venue staff, building touring manuals, and a long list of things that help build a show.

What are the best (or most interesting) parts of working touring exhibitions?

There's something exhilarating about putting a show together and seeing the end result especially Shapeshifters. Most people are yet to see a 3D printer in action or understand what 3D printers are capable of producing. It's also a great way of seeing the country and, of course, meeting new people.

How do you approach the challenge of installing in a completely new exhibition space?

Most of the pre-production is organised before I get to a new venue, but, occasionally we can have a last-minute change to either an artwork or the layout. I will then need to communicate with my team and work out the best solution. It's all about experience. I've gained a lot of knowledge from observing how other venues work.

What’s it like travelling to the hosting venues? Do you have any stories from on the road?

It's usually uneventful and I have no issue with sitting on a plane for a few hours listening to podcasts, but I suffered the worst turbulence on the flight from Gladstone to Brisbane, which was terrifying. I tried to stay calm, but the guy sitting next to me was gripping the seat in front so hard his knuckles were white! Oh, and taxi drivers always have the best stories.


1. The more staff on hand to help with install the better.
2. Keep your survival kit well stocked with masking tape, eucalyptus oil, cable ties and bubble wrap
3. It's always good to have a snack on hand, and stay hydrated. Peanuts and water!

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