New Design Emergency Furniture supported by Ian Potter Foundation

ADC’s Design Emergency education program for children encourages the development of critical design thinking skills using creativity, collaboration and play.

With a focus on wild imagination, making, playing and sharing, our hands-on Design Emergency workshops aim to:

  • Enhance problem solving abilities
  • Increase intellectual confidence
  • Encourage inquisitive minds
  • Nurture collaboration and cross-disciplinary practices

Our new Design Emergency furniture is a series of interactive, mobile modules that can be used to create different environments that can be easily transformed for each creative activity.

Able to house a range of critical learning equipment including a 3D printer, a design library, craft and making materials, projectors and interactive tablets, each module has been designed for a different purpose so that children can engage with them in different ways to learn about various aspects of the design process.

The moveable modules have been designed to invite exploration and discovery – open the doors, lift the lids, peer inside and uncover innovative learning devices within.

Designed by architect and former ADC Head of Programs Claire McCaughan, our Design Emergency furniture is generously funded by the Ian Potter Foundation.

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