We are delighted to have UNSW Art and Design as a platinum sponsor for the exhibition WORKSHOPPED18: New Australian Furniture, Lighting and Object Design on display at ADC until 25 July. 

UNSW Art & Design is recognised as one of the world’s leading art and design schools, with an outstanding record for producing critically acclaimed artists, designers and media creators.

We asked Dr Mark Ian Jones, Deputy Head of Design from UNSW Art and Design a few questions about Australian design and what they were looking for in presenting the UNSW Art and Design Award for Emerging Design. 


ADC: Why do you/UNSW A&D think an ADC project such as WORKSHOPPED18 is important for designers and Australian design?

Mark: ADC and WORKSHOPPED18 play an important role in showcasing the innovative design work being done in Australia. They provide much needed exposure for quality, original design work from emerging and established Australian designers.

ADC: What do you think is unique about Australian design?

Mark: Australian design takes its cue from numerous influences from around the world yet somehow manages to appear as uniquely Australian. The sharp light and shadows of the southern hemisphere, our history and vast landscapes inform how we approach materials and colours. Perhaps those 'laid-back' and 'make-do’ character tropes mean we take risks and get on with doing what we do. Australian design has incredible potential in the national innovation agenda if provided with the support of our policy makers.

ADC: You have selected Daniel Gunsten’s Dining Chair 1 and Liam Fleming’s Graft Vase for UNSW A&D Awards.  What stood out in these designs for you? 

Mark: Daniel’s Dining Chair 1 is quietly innovative. It doesn’t scream innovation, rather just gets on with it in a very discrete and well considered manner through using only joinery techniques and careful consideration of the role and proportion of all components. It is accomplished, comfortable, light and well proportioned - I can see it having great appeal in the market. 

Liam’s Graft Vase revisits a recognisable glass form yet challenges expectations. Utilising a strict and ‘brutal' form the vases are elevated through colour, transparency and balance continuing that great tradition in glass of straddling the line between art and design.

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Image: Liam Fleming, Graft Vase, 2018. Photo: Rhiannon Hopley.

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