ADC's Object Shop now stocks the beautiful tableware range by JamFactory, featuring a collection of ceramics, glassware and metalwork. JamFactory, based in South Australia, supports outstanding craft and design through their studios, galleries, shops and Associate Program. We chat with Lucy Potter, Head of Retail and Wholesale Sales at JamFactory to learn more about their range and retail spaces.

What are the origins of the JamFactory range?
In 2010 Deb Jones, then the Head of the JamFactory Glass Studio, designed and prototyped the Kink Oil Bottle, which became the first item for the Production range. The idea behind the products of this range is that each piece becomes a tool in the skills training ‘Associate’ program at JamFactory. The artists going through our Associate program learn to make these products with an emphasis on the repetition of production, consistency, skill development, and the first-hand experience of commercial but hand-made items.

How are decisions made about objects for the range? What is the vision?
The decisions for the JamFactory product range are made based on designs put forward by our Creative Staff members, and then not only sales viability, but just as importantly how suitable they are for training our Associates in each of the studios’ manufacturing processes. They are vital teaching tools, as well as being beautifully hand crafted and functional objects.

The Kink bottle is an iconic functional design object. Can you tell us about the features and what makes it so popular?
The Kink Oil Bottle was designed to be made by a team of glassblowers with varying skill levels. The making of the product needed to incorporate each of the key steps in traditional glassblowing to be effective in skills development including gathering glass from the furnace, blowing the bubble, hand-forming with traditional shaping and measuring tools and basic hot finishing. The design specifications allow for a level of acceptable variation inherent in the hand-making process, resulting in each bottle being slightly different. The distinctive ‘kink’ is created by super-heating the neck of the near-finished form and letting gravity or a gentle prod create the ergonomic feature that gives the product its name. The Kink Bottle’s popularity amongst our customers is that it not only becomes a beautiful object proudly on display in their kitchens, but that it directly supports a not-for-profit craft organisation and the artists within it.

JamFactory has two stores, in Adelaide and Seppeltsfield in the Barossa. Tell us about the stores, the product and the vision?
The JamFactory retail stores function as an outlet for Australian made craft, primarily in the disciplines of our four main studios; Glass, Ceramics, Furniture, and Jewellery / Metal. They provide income to local artists, plus unique gift ideas and keepsakes for our customers. All sales in our retails stores directly supports our training and exhibition programs. For our Associates especially they give an opportunity to think about their own product, to test the market as they hone their skills, and develop an understanding of making and pricing, and quickly receive first-hand feedback. 

Shop// JamFactory at Object Shop, open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am - 4pm.

Image: JamFactory shop. Photo: Andre Castellucci; Jam Factory product range. Photo courtesy JamFactory

JamFactory product range
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