"Great design and great artists are core to how we live and exist and it gives me hope that I'm a small part of that."

Currently Merryn is the Research and Consultation Coordinator with the City of Parramatta. In previous roles she's been a vital contributor to cultural development and community engagement as a project leader and also as a representative of communities, in both Regional NSW and now within Western Sydney. Her key interests lie in how organisations engage and connect with our audiences in meaningful and deep ways and how the arts can build cohesion and change lives.

We spoke to Merryn about why she supports the Australian Design Centre.

What helps you to decide what charity to support?
For me, it's a strong connection to the purpose and objectives of the cause, and an alignment of values. Over the past year through joining New Gen (the young philanthropists part of Philanthropy Australia). I've also been fortunate to get to know some younger donors, their foundations and families, and I think this is integral for many who are considering which organisations to support.

Why does ADC matter to you?
I love good design and what Australian Design Centre encapsulates. I also think it's important to support up-and-coming makers and artists as they are often the ones at the beginning of their career or into their early career needing the most support. I also love the focus on touring programming as it helps expand the audiences for good design work. Arts organisations who are medium-sized supporting great art and craft and artists in Australia also need attention at this critical time.

How do you describe the organisation (ADC) to others?
Amazing craft and design, fun and inspiring art, workshops, ideas and innovation, as well as great conversation all under the one roof!

How do you feel when you make a gift?
Like I'm supporting something that matters.

The money donated to ADC helps us to support artists. What does supporting artists mean to you?
Great design and great artists are core to how we live and exist and it gives me hope that I'm a small part of that.

Thank you for your support Merryn.

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