OBJECT 150 is back!  

Have a unique object created for you for $150 and support a local maker 

Makers and designers are again doing it tough with their usual retail outlets in galleries, shops and makers markets closed during the 2021 Covid-19 lockdown.

The ADC team are working passionately to implement opportunities for our designers to recover creatively and financially. Help us help our makers!

Object 150 2.0 is where craft and design lovers pay $150 to have a work created exclusively for you by one of our makers. The work will be an original, unique, handmade object created by the maker for you.

Total cost of the work is $150 plus GST and postage, as required**. 

ADC is not taking a commission on sales, we are passing 100% onto the maker.

Delivery time is 4 weeks from order placement.

We will advise you once the item is ready for shipping by Australia Post, or pickup by appointment from Australian Design Centre.

**POSTAGE: All online orders over $150 get free Standard postage, or $5 extra for Express Post. 

No postage charge for pick up from ADC in Darlinghurst.

The Object 150 makers for October 2021 are Chrystie Longworth and Outer Island.

Image: Ruth Byrne, Portrait, 2021. Photo: Jade Warne.

Chrystie Longworth

Not interested in competing with the “perfection” of machine made items, Chrystie is more interested in the little details that make a work truly sing

Outer Island

Outer Island is a pocket of paradise reimagining Australian souvenirs as sustainably made local goods that celebrate the magic of native plants, animals and habitats.

Ruth Byrne

Clay is such a process driven material, and Ruth Byrne enjoys demonstrating the nature of clay at its various stages.

Gillian Brooks

Fibre artist Gillian Brooks creates contemporary handmade felt designs and is "mad keen" on textiles.

Sophia Emmett

Sophia Emmett enjoys the challenge of designing and making pieces that are intimate, wearable constructions. 

Helen Earl

Helen Earl explores the interface between form and function, nature and object and often incorporates found objects, usually nature’s flotsam, into her work.

Niki McDonald

Using tools of domesticity, artist Niki McDonald depicts urban life through her modern needlepoint tapestries. 

Melinda Young

Melinda is fascinated by the potential for unexpected narrative, finding inspiration in architecture, the landscape, and her everyday surroundings.

Rina Bernabei

Rina Bernabei has had a long, successful career as a designer and has most recently been working in ceramics, creating hand-thrown, hand-built pieces.

Herbert And Friends

Herbert & Friends was born out of a love for creativity, design and crazy critters


TRADE the MARK is an art and design studio led by artist Christina McLean, currently focusing on hand built and painted ceramic vessels, bespoke art pieces and textile design.

Emily Copp

Emily is a contemporary metal smith who works with a fusion of both old and new technologies and materials.

Marika Svikis

Established in 2017 in Sydney, svikis. was founded by Marika Svikis, a designer and technologist with a background in architecture.

Hayden Youlley

Hayden Youlley believes that good design is about realising function with aesthetic integrity without unnecessary complications.

Zara Collins

The process of transformation is at the crux of Zara Collins’ contemporary art practice. Her work is bound together by ideas of reinterpretation, appropriation and reinvention.  

Milly Dent

Milly Dent Design reimagines daily routine through uniquely handcrafted, exclusive ceramic goods

Felix Gill

Felix Gill is a contemporary jeweller whose practice explores ideas around travel and place

Katherine Mahoney

Katherine’s latest work has been inspired by the colours and textures in Sydney's landscape particularly the sandstone that abounds in the area

Love And West

Jude Love is a seamstress, sewing teacher, graphic designer, web developer and tea towelist who has always loved the sweet graphics of Australian domestic linens

Nicole Robins

Nicole Robins weaves baskets that are made from native and exotic plants she gathers in and around Sydney

Sylvia Riley

Sylvia Riley is a Sydney based designer and dyer of natural textiles

Vanessa Ion

Vanessa Ion has combined her love of making art with craft by creating crochet characters that are unique and made without a pattern