5 October – 14 November, 2018

This award is an open call-out to textile-oriented artists, designers and crafts-people to create opportunity and uncover the diverse range of contemporary textile artists in NSW.

5 October – 14 November, 2018

The Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards 2018, presented by Australian Design Centre in partnership with the Seed Stitch Collective, attracted over 95 entries. The award is an open call-out to contemporary artists working with textiles across many genres.

This exhibition features the outstanding shortlisted works by contemporary NSW textile artists:

Anne Foy / Barbara Rogers / Blake Griffiths / Brenda Livermore / Bridget Kennedy / Carole Douglas / Christina Newberry / Christine Wiltshier / Daniel Kim / Denise Lithgow / Ellie Beck / Gillian Bencke / Guy Dempster / Jane Bodnaruk / Jane Theau / Joy Ivill / Kelcie Bryant-Duguid / Marianne Bohdan / Melinda Young / Nicole Robins / Paula do Prado / Regi Cherini / Tracy Dickason / Tulla Carson / Sairi Yoshizawa 

Read the room information sheet and price list here. Most of the work in the exhibition are for sale. Please contact ADC for more information.  

As part of the exhibition program you can also, Meet the Seed Stitch Collective and get involved in lots of workshops and events in the lead up to Sydney Craft Week

The Seed Stitch Collective is Soraya Abidin, Sky Carter, Suzanne Davey, Niki McDonald, Emma Peters and Kylie Walsh. The collective originated in 2016 after the first SSCTA was hosted at the Warringah Creative Arts Space. Find out more about the Seed Stitch Collective in an interview here or visit their website.


Blake Griffiths - Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award: $1000 sponsored by Skein Sisters

Jane Theau - Australian Design Centre Award: Object Space window gallery exhibition in 2019 

Paula do Prado - Skein Sisters Yarn Innovation Award: $250 Gift voucher and $250 cash

Christina Newberry - Seed Stitch Collective Award: Membership opportunity and invitation to exhibit with SSC in 2019 

Daniel Kim - Highly Commended Award


Meet the Seed Stitch Collective
Who are they and what do they do with fabric, yarn, skills and imagination? What are their textile practices? Join us for a conversation focusing on six Sydney women’s passion for textiles - weaving, embroidery, quilting, tapestry, sculptural textiles, textile design and yarn painting. Meet Soraya Abidin, Sky Carter, Suzanne Davey, Niki McDonald, Emma Peters and Kylie Walsh. At the same time, learn more than you can possibly imagine about yarn with the Skein Sisters, Debbie McDonald and Janine Smith. Skein Sisters offers a curated selection of contemporary yarns. Frustrated by not being able to find what they wanted locally, these friends set about sourcing the products they love to delight and inspire local makers.
When: Wednesday 12 September, 6-8pm.
Where: Australian Design Centres 
Who should come: Artists, makers, designers and textile enthusiasts 
Cost: free bookings required

Playing for Creativity 
“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” - George Bernard Shaw. Come and play with mixed media to inspire curiosity, creativity, industriousness and inventiveness.

A member of the Seed Stitch Collective, Niki McDonald has exhibited nationally and internationally and explored all things textile with a Creative Arts major in textiles and a Diploma of Education. Niki believes that you need to play, paste, cut, rip, sew, glue, paint, draw, scratch, collage, arrange, rearrange, make, create, build and save to be in your process, discover your flow of creativity.

After mind mapping ideas and building a preliminary mood board, participants will create a mixed media canvas with stitching to emphasise colour, shape and movement. Workshop players receive; a stretched canvas, needle and wool, mixed media and collage materials.
When: Saturday 27 October, 1-3.30pm
Where: Australian Design Centre 
Who should come: Anyone who would like to play with mixed textile media 
Cost: $80 
Book here

Poke & Stitch: Tattooing Cloth with Emma Peters 
There are quite a few similarities between the art of tattooing and embroidery - rhythm, pattern, colour and the act of creating a visual tribute to a loved one or a significant experience. Learn to design your own motifs that celebrate your memories and adorn or repair your fabrics. Using simple yet effective motifs, textile practitioner, Emma Peters, will guide you in the slow paced and mindful skills of stitching, tracing your motif onto fabric, and the stitches that will work best.

Bring along any cloth or thread you’d like to work with and there will be lots of materials provided for experimenting. Perfect for beginners or more accomplished makers looking to expand on their practice.

Emma Peters is a founding member of the Seed Stitch Collective and has worked as a designer in the textile industry for over a decade. She teaches at two of Australia’s leading design universities – UNSW Art & Design and UTS.
When: Saturday 3 November, 11-1.30pm 
Where: Australian Design Centre 
Who should come: Perfect for beginners or more accomplished makers looking to expand on their practice. 
Cost: $80 
Book here

Weave Your Love 
The process of weaving has a deeply therapeutic effect and is used across many cultures to convey messages that honour family history and personal journeys. The act of deconstruction and reconstruction of an item that has emotional significance is a very powerful and empowering experience. In this workshop Sky Carter will teach you traditional as well as innovative techniques to create a personal and meaningful woven work. Using your preloved materials, Sky will take you on a textural journey where you are shown how to weave items to honour them in a unique and beautiful way. 

This workshop is perfect for those that have a sentimental or precious ‘stash’ of pieces that could be repurposed into a wall hanging such as; a wedding veil, grandfather’s tie or hankies, baby clothing or item from a significant event.  Sky will provide an array of materials that can be used to complement your items in the weaving process as well as her personally designed loom and tools made from sustainable bamboo. Students are asked to bring at least one meaningful item that they would like to celebrate in a wall hanging.

Sky Carter has exhibited both locally and internationally and is a member of the Seed Stitch Collective. She is a fibre and textile artist operating under her art practice ‘Sky Carter Colour’. With a design studies major in colour she is continually developing and evolving her skills through residencies, travel and further education and has developed her own range of sustainable weaving tools and looms which used to teach her unique weaving style.
When: Saturday 10 November, 1-3.30pm
Where: Australian Design Centre 
Who should come: This workshop is perfect for those who have a precious textile they would like to repurpose into a wall hanging 
Cost: $80
Book here

A partnership project by: ADC and Seed Stitch Collective.  Supported by: Skein Sisters

Seed Stitch Textiles Award logobank

Image Top: Kelcie Bryant-Duguid, Clouds Gather (detail), Courtesy of the Artist

Anne Foy

One Degree Celsius, 2018

Barbara Rogers

Composition in Red, 2017

Blake Griffiths

National Emblem Reconstructed (emroo); hide of diminishing resources, 2018

Brenda Livermore

Ocean Soul, 2018

Bridget Kennedy

A Year of Time, a collection of exchanges, 2017 - 2018

Carole Douglas

Field Notes - the anthropology of chai, 2018

Christina Newberry

Vintage Puzzle and Charis, 2016 - 2017

Christine Wiltshier

Tangled, not unravelling mistakes (nylon), 2018

Daniel Kim

Emu, 2018

Denise Lithgow

Collection of Seed Pods, 2018

Ellie Beck

Cocoon / Emerge {Self}, 2018

Gillian Bencke

I will always be in doubt, 2018

Guy Dempster

Apollo 3 and Demeter 1, 2018

Jane Bodnaruk

Matriarch, 2018

Jane Theau

#Me Too, 2017

Joy Ivill

‘Sacred Garden Series’ Aerial View of a Sublime Constructed Landscape, Centennial Parklands, 2018

Kelcie Bryant-Duguid

Clouds Gather, 2018

Marianne Bohdan

Burretti Jacket & Mars, Stardust Series, 2018

Melinda Young

to carry, 2017

Nicole Robins

Leaning Tower of Plantyness, 2018

Paula Do Prado

Resonance, 2018

Regi Cherini

Taxing, Responsibilities, Mother Nature & Ticking Clock, 2018

Tracy Dickason

Evolve, 2018

Tulla Carson

Wandering Identities, 2017

Sairi Yoshizawa

Seemingly Endless, 2018