Exhibition: Friday 9 October – Tuesday 17 November 2020

Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award 2020 is a biennial exhibition produced and presented by Australian Design Centre in partnership with the Seed Stitch Collective.

This year the competition attracted 49 entries from NSW textile artists and the exhibition features outstanding work by the 25 finalists. A broad selection of contemporary textiles engages material use from waste to silk, with themes ranging from artificial intelligence, to the environment and the current pandemic. 

The exhibition will also travel to Tamworth Regional Gallery, as part of our ADC On Tour national exhibition touring program from 28 November to 2 February 2021.  

Ali Noble | Alison Giles | Amy Jones | Barbara Rogers | Brenda Livermore |  Catherine Farry | Chris Hutch | Christina Newberry | Christine Wiltshier | Denise Lithgow Elizabeth West | Gabrielle Mordy | Irene Manion | Jane Theau | Kelcie Bryant-Duguid | Liz Williamson | Melinda Young | Nicole Robins | Regina Krawets | Sairi Yoshizawa | Sarah Edmondson | Sue Jo Wright | Susan Fell | Suzanne Davey | Tina Fox

Most works in the exhibition are for sale, as listed. Please contact ADC for more information.  

The Seed Stitch Collective 2020 is Soraya Abidin and Niki McDonald. The collective originated in 2016 after the first SSCTA was hosted at the Warringah Creative Arts Space and was followed by the Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Awards 2018 at Australian Design Centre. 

Tour Dates:
Saturday 28 November 2020 - Sunday 7 February 2021 - Tamworth Regional Gallery

Judging Panel: 
Lisa Cahill – CEO & Artistic Director Australian Design Centre 
Niki McDonald – Seed Stitch Collective
Deb McDonald & Janine Smith - Skein Sisters
Special guest judge - Dr Belinda Von Mengersen

Award Winners
Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award - $1000 sponsored by Skein Sisters

Brenda Livermore, Arise, 2020

Australian Design Centre Award - Object Space Gallery window exhibition 
Sue Jo Wright, Sign of the Time – I Love you, & Sign of the Time – Family, 2018

Skein Sisters Yarn Innovation Award - $250 Gift voucher and $250 cash 
Tina Fox, Electric Sheep, 2020

We Love your Work, Seed Stitch Collective Award - $300 support towards materials, workshop or exhibition costs
Kelcie Bryant-Duguid, Essential Worker, 2020

Digital Launch Video:

Thank you to our SSCTA 2020 supporters: Skein Sisters and Tamworth Regional Gallery

Image: Irene Manion, Papilio Ardere, detail, 2020 Photo: courtesy of the artist

Ali Noble

Cadence, Curves and Loops, 2020
Price: $850

Alison Giles

I Used to Be A Mod, 2020
Price: NFS

Amy Jones

Renewal, 2020
Price: $3,000

Barbara Rogers

Layers, 2019
Price: $1,950

Brenda Livermore

Arise, 2020
Price: $950

Catherine Farry

The Dead, 2020
Price: $1,200

Chris Hutch

Bloodlines, 2020
Price: NFS

Christina Newberry

Hybrid Ikebana Landscape, 2020
Price: $1,200

Christine Wiltshier

Fragile Landscapes, 2020
Price: NFS

Denise Lithgow

Cocoon, 2020
Price: $1,500

Elizabeth West

Pledge, 2018-2020
Price: NFS

Gabrielle Mordy

4th January 2020, 2020
Price: $1,360

Irene Manion

The Papilio Ardere (butterfly on fire), 2020
Price: $700

Jane Theau

La Grande Âme Arrondie, 2020
Price: NFS

Kelcie Bryant-Duguid

Essential Worker, 2020
Price: $893.20

Liz Williamson

Waste, 2020
Price: NFS
Eucalyptus Shadows, 2019
Price: $3,800

Melinda Young

River to the ocean flows… 2020
Price: $1,200

Nicole Robins

Easing Restrictions Beach Tote, 2020
Price: $1,200

Regina Krawets

Gutsy, 2019
Price: $600

Sairi Yoshizawa

Timeless Motion, 2020
Price: $1,980

Sarah Edmondson

Sorry for the Disruption 2, 2020
Price: $3,300

Sue Jo Wright

Sign of Time - Family, 2018
Price: $1,250
Sign of Time – I Love You, 2018
Price: $1,250

Susan Fell

Seeking the Edge of the Fold - Difference and Repetition (2), 2020
Price: $2,000

Suzanne Davey

Taking Flight, 2020
Price: $2,700
Promised Land, 2020
Price: $3,200

Tina Fox

Electric Sheep, 2020
Price: $1,200