3 October - 13 November 2019

Australian Design Centre (ADC) presents this biennial award exhibition in partnership with the Jewellery and Metalsmiths Group of Australia, NSW (JMGA-NSW). This exhibition presents a diverse and comprehensive cross-section of national and international contemporary jewellers and object designers. Profile is a significant curated award for both emerging and established artists. 

ADC has long supported the member craft guilds and associations. This opportunity to partner with JMGA-NSW is a fabulous way to see work across a wide spectrum of contemporary making - CEO & Artistic Director, Lisa Cahill

JMGA-NSW Profile '19 will shine a bright light on this unique and exciting selection of  77 artists. We are delighted to be partnering with ADC, recognised as a leading arts organisation and a great champion of makers – JMGA–NSW Chair, Liza Feeney

Selected designers include:

Alice Whish | Angela Porritt | Aphra Cheesman | Bic Tieu | Bridget Kennedy | Catherine Large |Cheree Edwards | Clare Hooper | Danielle Barrie | Danielle Lo | Danni Xu |Diane Connal | Dianne Beevers | Elizabeth Curry | Emily Copp | Emily Valentine Bullock | Emma Field | Felix Gill | Fiona Meller | Francisca Rendic | Gretal Ferguson | Halie Rubenis | Helen Wyatt | Jane Reynolds | Janine Combes | Jesika Dawnn | Kyoko Hashimoto | Larah  Nott | Linda Blair | Lucy Morton | Luke Abbot | Marcia Swaby | Marika Strohschnieder | Marika Svikis | Megan Turton | Melinda McMahon | Melinda Young | Michelle Stemm | Minji Han | Mio Kuhnen | Nadya van Ewyk | Pierre Cavalan | Romana Toson | Rowena Chalton | Rui Kikuchi | Sabine Pagan | Samuel Farmer | Sean O’Connell | Shan Shan Mok | Virginia Sprague | Ximena Natanya Briceño | Zara Collins | Zoe Veness

Boya Yu | Bradley Pike | Catia Single | Daniela Walder | Ellie Tessa | Evangeline-Lulu Ropert | Finnoula Marcoolyn-Lindsay | Hannaneh Qiumarsi | Haozhe Wang | Katherine Hubble | Kim Morrell | Kirsten Junor | Kristina Neumann | Marissa Ziesing | Michaela Pegum | Nellie Peoples | Qiaoyi Zhang | Reanne Chidiac | Rebecca Hinwood |Regina Krawets | Rosie Gunzburg | Sarah Barlow | Yi Jen Chu | Zoë Pollitt

The exhibition window installation of 3D paper shapes was created by Benja Harney of Paperform for Sydney Craft Week in response to this year's theme, PLAY.

The opening and announcement of award winners will be held in conjunction with the launch of the 2019 Sydney Craft Week festival on Friday 11 October 2019. For more information about Profile please visit the JMGA-NSW website here.


1. JMGA-NSW Established Contemporary Jewellery Award 
$2000 General Category: open to any current member of JMGA-NSW.
Winner: Larah Nott
Highly Commended: Gretal Ferguson, Samuel Farmer, Virginia Sprague

2. JMGA-NSW Emerging Contemporary Jewellery Award
$1000 Emerging Category: open to any current member who is a full time student or who has been practicing for no more than three years.
Winner: Sarah Barlow
Highly Commended: Rebecca Hinwood, Rosie Gunzburg, Boya Yu

3. Australian Design Centre Award
Opportunity to exhibit in ADC’s window gallery Object Space in 2020.  In consultation with ADC.
Winner: Dianne Beevers


Profile 2019: Jewellers Floor Talk 
Hear from a selection of the 77 exhibited Profile 2019 jewellers around their work, themes, techniques and current topics in contemporary practice. Lead by the Jewellery and Metalsmiths Group of Australia, NSW, this is a talk for anyone interested in meeting the designers and getting a little more out of this sparkling exhibition.
Speakers include: Bic Tieu, Dianne Beevers, Felix Gill, Kyoko Hashimoto, Pierre Cavalan, Reanne Chidiac, Regina Krawets, Zoe Veness
When: Saturday 12 October 2019, 11.30am - 1pm
Where: Australian Design Centre
Free event, book here

Jewellers Bench Demonstrations 
When: Friday 11 October – Sunday 20 October, 1-3pm
Alice Whish: Fri 11 Oct
Yi Jen Chu: Sat 12 Oct
Zara Collins: Tues 15 Oct
Megan Turton: Wed 16 Oct
Francisca Rendic: Thurs 17 Oct
Halie Rubenis: Fri 18 Oct
Haozhe Wang: Sat 19 Oct

Where: Australian Design Centre 
Free events, no bookings required

Image top: Kyoko Hashimoto, Sandstone Musubi Neckpiece, 2019, Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Image bottom: Yi Jen Chu, Excess Production, 2019, Photo courtesy of Fred Kroh.

Yi Jen Chu

Alice Whish

The Banksia Understory, 2019

Angela Porritt

Terra Incognita Series, 2017

Aphra Cheesman

Plug and Socket, 2018

Bic Tieu

Home Geometry Series, 2019

Boya Yu

Highly Commended - JMGA-NSW Emerging Contemporary Jewellery Award

I Am Saying It
, 2018

Bradley Pike

Molasses Splash, 2019

Bridget Kennedy

A Breastplate for Greta (as the seas rise, the tides turn), 2019

Catherine Large

Imperfect Perfection: Still Life, Bowls, 2019

Catia Single

Vignettes, 2019

Cheree Edwards

Afternoon Ritual, 2018

Clare Hooper

Abeyance, 2018-19

Daniela Walder

Breath, 2019

Danielle Barrie

Constellation Ring, 2018
Perspectives Ring, 2018
Jester Ring
, 2018

Danielle Lo

Fragment Series, 2018

Danni Xu

Next, PROV I, 2019

Diane Connal

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, 2019

Dianne Beevers

WINNER - Australian Design Centre Award

2 Strands of Pearls, or More
, 2018

Elizabeth Curry

Untitled Shoulder Brooch, 2018

Ellie Tessa Godworth

Three Vessels, 2019

Emily Copp

What’s Your Poison?, 2017

Emily Valentine Bullock

Dalland, 2018
Fighter Plane Brooch, 2019

Emma Field

Intersect, 2019

Felix Gill

An Interrupted Place, 2019

Finnoula Marcoolyn-Lindsay

Seasoned Affinity, 2019

Francisca Rendic

Seaweed Bracelet from the Neptune’s Collection, 2019

Gretal Ferguson

Highly Commended - JMGA-NSW Established Contemporary Jewellery Award 

, 2019 

Halie Rubenis

Beauty | Wonderment | Destruction, 2018

Haozhe Wang

Diasporic Jewels, 2019

Hannaneh Qiumarsi

What Taste Do You Wear?, 2019

Helen Wyatt

Island 1: More Than Meets The Eye, 2019
Island 2: More Than Meets The Eye, 2019

Jane Reynolds

Sealeaf, 2019

Janine Combes

Ebb Tide Series, 2019

Jessika Dawnn

Recollections, 2017

Katherine Hubble

She Sells Sea Shells, 2017

Kim Morrell

Untitled, 2019 

Kirsten Junor

Whitewash 1, 2019
Whitewash 2, 2019
Whitewash 3, 2019
Whitewash 4, 2019
Whitewash 5, 2019

Kristina Neumann

Homeslice, 2019

Kyoko Hashimoto

Sandstone Musubi Neckpiece, 2019

Larah Nott

WINNER - JMGA-NSW Established Contemporary Jewellery Award 

Yield Bowl,

Linda Blair

Tea For Three Brooch, 2019

Lucy Morton

Barnacle Ring, 2018 

Luke Abbot

Monilis Accendo, 2019

Marcia Swaby

Jamaica 1696: From One Garden To Another, 2018

Marika Strohschnieder

Emu Egg Casket, 2017

Marika Svikis

Fujimoto Collection, 2019

Marissa Ziesing

Utilitarian Objects, 2019

Megan Turton

Oppression, 2019

Melinda McMahon

Everyday Ma, 2018

Melinda Young

Stitched Up Neckpiece, 2019
Stitched Up Bib, 2019

Michaela Pegum

Pathway II, 2017

Michelle Stemm

Mother And Daughter, 2019

Minji Han

Crossover: In response to ‘Island Welcome’, 2019

Mio Kuhnen

Lava - Big Island Flow Pendant, 2019

Nadya van Ewyk

Visions Dust, 2019

Nellie Peoples

Horizon Series, 2018 

Pierre Cavalan

Ozemandias, 2019

Qiaoyi Zhang

Hearing the Dance, 2018

Rebecca Hinwood

Highly Commended - JMGA-NSW Emerging Contemporary Jewellery Award


Reanne Chidiac

I Tire Of Being A Soft Thing, 2019

Regina Krawets

The Wright Flower, 2019

Romana Toson

Dissolution Brooch, 2019

Rosie Gunzburg

Highly Commended - JMGA-NSW Emerging Contemporary Jewellery Award

Spring Tide,

Rowena Chalton

A Lure, 2019

Rui Kikuchi

“Takumashi-Sou” (Weeds of Resilience) Series, 2017

Sabine Pagan

Counterpoint, 2018

Samuel Farmer

Highly Commended - JMGA-NSW Established Contemporary Jewellery Award 

Brooch, “…and Always a Giant Leap for Selene, Goddess of the Moon”,

Sarah Barlow

WINNER - JMGA-NSW Emerging Contemporary Jewellery Award

, 2018

Sean O'Connell

Here And There, 2018

Shan Shan Mok

Shan Shan 6th Series: Travelling And Settling, 2019

Yi Jen Chu

Excess Production 2, 2019
Excess Production 3, 2019
Excess Production 4, 2019

Virginia Sprague

Highly Commended - JMGA-NSW Established Contemporary Jewellery Award 

Emergent Series - Ring I
, 2019

Ximena Natanya Briceno

Al Oeste De... West Of…, 2018

Zara Collins

Horizon Line Series, 2019

Zoe Pollitt

Transmutation Ring, 2019

Zoe Veness

A Landscape Of Our Making, 2017